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Q & A on Tucson, Arizona, Realtor Legal Liability


Q. I am a Realtor in Tucson Arizona and am interested in reducing my realtor liability in mold related issues. Would it be a good idea to have some sort of mold inspection on each residence, whether or not there is obvious evidence of mold infestation? If so, what type of inspection would you recommend and what would be the approximate cost to the client?

A. Your are very wise to be interested in reducing your liability to mold problems and lawsuits. Yes, every home for sale should be carefully inspected and tested for possible mold infestation at the seller's expense BEFORE the property is advertised and shown to prospective buyers. To find a Certified Mold Inspector to do such a mold investigation, please visit our website: Certified Mold Inspectors. Professional inspection and in depth mold testing [including hvac equipment and ducts, basement, attic, crawl space, etc.] is abut $500 to $750, including laboratory analysis and identification fees. Another and less costly way to know if there are serious mold infestations in a home is to test the air in several rooms utilizing do it yourself mold test kits, with laboratory mold analysis and mold species identification of the collected mold samples.. Do it yourself test kits with lab analysis are about $35 each. Mold test kits are available at large hardware, home improvement, and safety stores. It is much better to spend a modest amount of money to know whether there is a mold problem than to face a huge mold lawsuit requiring the payment of tens of thousands of dollars of legal fees to defend yourself and your home sellers.


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